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When will permanent teeth grow in children

Permanent teeth or permanent teeth are teeth that grow permanently, replacing baby teeth that only grow temporarily. The time of appearance of a permanent tooth varies with each child, depending on the condition of each child. In general, teeth are divided into two types, namely milk teeth and permanent teeth. Permanent teeth are often also called permanent teeth or adult teeth. Milk teeth have a very important role in the growth of a child's permanent teeth, namely as a barrier to space so that permanent teeth can get a place to grow. If the milk teeth come off prematurely, then the space or gap between the teeth will narrow because the teeth tend to move to an empty space. As a result, permanent teeth will grow abnormally. The arrangement of permanent teeth will also overlap and look messy. Based on its function, teeth can be divided into 4 types, namely: Incisors, for biting or cutting food. Canines (canines), to tear or destroy food. Small molar teeth (premolars), to d
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Things you need to do if you forget to take birth control pills

Combination contraceptive pill which is commonly known as birth control pill is one of the contraceptive methods that is quite effective in preventing pregnancy, as long as this pill is consumed regularly every day. Then, what if you forget to take birth control pills? PKK contains the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Low-dose birth control pills (formulations containing ethinyl estradiol less than 50 mcg) are a safe and reliable contraceptive choice for most women. For healthy women who don't smoke, birth control pills can be taken until menopause. Because birth control pills must be consumed at the same time every day, patience is needed in using this contraceptive. Many women like to forget to take birth control pills or skip them for several days. This will affect the effectiveness of birth control pills, which ultimately leads to contraceptive failure. What to Do If You Forgot to Take the Pill? To get the benefits as a contraceptive, you should not miss the schedule o

Mother, This is the Risk of Lifting Heavy Burden during Pregnancy

Mothers who are pregnant are prohibited from lifting heavy loads, of course they are already familiar. But, what is the underlying reason? Following is an explanation of the risks of lifting weight during pregnancy and the right way to lift weights during pregnancy. Although each person has different strengths, but generally a mother who is pregnant is not recommended to lift weights of more than 10 kilograms. Even though Mother has become accustomed to lifting heavy loads before becoming pregnant, it is advisable to remain cautious. Various Risks of Lifting Heavy Loads Mother certainly feels that any activity, including lifting heavy weights during pregnancy feels different. The growing uterus, can cause the mother often feels like abdominal muscles are interested and easily cause cramps. During pregnancy, your posture also changes, so you can make you feel uncomfortable. The effect of gravity on increasing the size of the stomach, can also put pressure on the lower back. This